How about being honest?

Hi there,

I want to talk to you about honesty. Yes, I know a heavy subject, but none the less a very important and relevant one.
You see a couple of days ago I finally got back onto the internet. Why is that you may well ask? Well now, for some reason unbeknown to me and many others we lost connectivity to the internet. “Connectivity” that’s a great word isn’t it?

Any way I digress. You see my I.S.P ( Internet Service Provider) Virgin Media had an outage. As it transpires it was a nation wide issue. But of course I didn’t know that, and so too, I would suggest, the other users of Virgin Media network who were affected.With my package deal, I get TV, Phone and Internet delivered through Fibre.

Well I started to go through my usual trouble shooting process. First reboot the modem, still no joy. Reboot it again. is it working, am I online? Ah………….no. You don’t know how many times I rebooted that damn thing.

Ok, reboot my router, go into it’s settings. Is it dishing out I P addresses. Yes it is. Has my computer got an I P? Yes it has. Well that proves my kit is working just fine. Whilst in the settings of my router I notice that I have not got an I P from my I.S.P. Oh my God I hear you cry! What the heck is he on about? What’s all these B****y acronyms?
Sorry about that it’s a consequence of working which computers. Any how what that suggests is that it’s Virgin media at fault and that issue is their end.

Right get on the phone and call them. After the annoying 55 options that they give you, select option one if you want this, select option two if you want that, etc etc. Then finally getting through to a recorded human voice to be told that.”All our operators are busy right now you could have to wait 15 minutes” “No way” I ‘m not doing that, I’ll ring back.

This went on for three days before by a recorded message states that “Customers may be experiencing difficulties trying to access various web sites.
The moral of the story is”what a way to treat your customers”? They could
have posted a message stating that by their telephone help desk on day one. All that they have succeeded in doing is to alienate me and possible many others.

This got me thinking. In our business, in fact any business how you treat your customers is vital to your ongoing business success. How does this apply to you and I? Well your list is your customer base. Oh wait, you are building a list are you not? If not, why not? You should be. If you are having difficulties apologize to your customers and tell them that you are having difficulties.
Now I realize that this may be alien in the current business climate, but by doing this one action that shows your truthfulness and honesty. Moreover it reinforces your integrity. Trust me, that will help cement your relationship with your customers. That in itself places you far, far above many people in the Internet/Affiliate Marketing business. Imagine? Just a simple thing like that.


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One Response to “How about being honest?”

  1. Adrienne says:

    I feel your pain Ed, I hate those recorded messages. It takes forever to get a real human on the phone but I would have stuck with it. I can’t wait three days to find out what the problem is.

    As in your service provider, it’s a perfect example of how you should treat your prospects and customers as well. I call every single one of mine or just email them if they didn’t leave a number. I chat with them, let them know I’m real and I’m here to help. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback because of it and more people purchasing what I have to offer because of it.

    Treat your prospects great and you’ll have customers for life.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why You Need A Bulletproof Mindset To SucceedMy Profile

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