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Hosting 2

Hi There, One other thing that I forgot to mention with your hosting account is to choose one that has multiple or unlimited SQL servers offered with it. You may ask why? Well I’ll tell you. When you install your word press blog it uses sql on the back end. If you decided to have […]

Do I need Hosting?

Yes! Once again I would say absolutely. Your hosting account is your online real estate.  The place online that is your space. You buy / rent space on a server somewhere on the internet. This can be on a shared server or if you have the money a dedicated server. What happens is your domain […]

Do I need a Domain name?

Yes! I would say absolutely. Some people say no you don’t which is  true to a certain extent. Those people who say that you can start a Internet Business without a domain name are usually the ones trying to sell you their Affiliate product. And what you end up doing is sending your suspect to […]


Hi, To create your own web site you need to use some sort or  Web page editor. Now, here you have a choice, do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you.  Or if you want to be hard core and you know what you are doing you can use just a standard […]

New Report

My Mentor has just written a new FREE report. I wish I had written this! Get it here Talk soon, Ed.

Go do a dump

Hi There, Do you ever feel over whelmed, don’t know where to start. So many things to do, all this stuff in your head, information overload? Well try this, this is powerful. It really works. Sit down, get several sheets of A4 paper and a pencil. Oh! you might want grab a cup of tea […]


Hi there, I’m just back from a very much needed relaxing break, with my wife, in Cornwall. I ‘s a very beautiful part of the UK. For those who don’t know it is the south west tip of the UK. I don’t do much on holiday I’m not one of those people who dash around […]

Got to keep alert!

Hi there, After that tip I gave you yesterday I had a quick check on my site. To my horror I found that I had some of the same issues that I mentioned. Just shows you got to keep alert. I believe that it is worth while knowing a little html so that you can […]

Handy tip

Hi there, Here is a handy tip for you. To help protect your precious web site you can use this bit of code that I use. Just grab the text file, open it with your favourite text editor fill in the places with your URL, you can send them anywhere, sales page, home page, squeeze […]

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