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Don’t get it right

Hi, Ed here There are a lot of people who never succeed online because they never get going. In the end they just give up. Their Blog or Website is never right. There is always something to be done or added to it to make it perfect. Well, as Alex says, don’t get it right […]

How to build a Internet Marketing business.

Hi, Well I would say that you need: 1. A Mentor. 2. A Hosting Account. 3. A Domain Name. 4. An Autoresponder. 5. Traffic. 6. A Product. 7. A Plan. Put these things in place and you are ahead of the millions out there. Simply really! Ed.

Mistake No 2

Well I’m back. Yes I made another almighty cock up. Yep I did it again, whilst tweaking my blog last week and “blam” screwed it up again. I had to completely re-install and start again. As I’ve said before if I was a wizz on code I may have been able to recover but hey […]

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